Gemstones, Supernatural Oil in a Church in Puerto Rico

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These are the recent video interviews that Pastor Dennis Rojas did on youtube.  I did the best that I could to transcribe them so that they can also be read, because I know it is difficult to follow the interviews sometimes.    These are three of the videos, an I will do the last two soon.   I don’t know Spanish so I probably got a lot of spanish words spelled wrong.  Please forgive me for that. God bless!

Video 1: Puerto Rico is an island located in the Caribbean of the Atlantic Ocean. It has an area of 3425 square miles (8,870 km2). The maximum length from east to west is 110 miles (180 km). The maximum width from north to south is 40 miles (64 km). Puerto Rico in Spanish means Rich Port. From thousands of years the ocean waves have adorned the beautiful beaches of this enchanted island. The fortress of the Castillo San Felipe del Morro over the northeast cliff of the old San Juan reminds us of the era of the Spanish Imperial tax over the Caribbean.

But today some Christians in Puerto Rico have received amazing blessings that are not known to many people. Over the past four years hundreds of precious skillfully cut gemstones with many different shapes , styles and unusual shapes have been given from Heaven to a small humble Christian church in Carolina a suburb of San Juan the islands capital.

Not only that but at the same time a mysterious source of oil emanates from the beams of the ceiling, four walls of the sanctuary and from the open Holy Bible on the podium which emits a special unusual pure-fresh fragrance, has been continuously flowing. Following is the interview of Rev. Dennis Rojas. Senior Pastor of the House of Restoration and Mercy, in Carolina, Puerto Rico. Regarding the mentioned amazing phenomenon ) by Rev. Bon Ghong founder and pastor of the Good News Baptist Church of Gardena California. Interview: At first I would like you to introduce yourself so that the viewer will know who you are. And will understand what our interview is.

Ok I am Pastor Dennis Rojas the general pastor of the House of Restoration and Mercy, together with my wife Awilda, we are the general pastors of this humble church, House of Restoration and Mercy. We are very glad an very happy on the part of God because He has chosen us to present this glory and the supernatural things that are happening here in this home, this house.

We hope that all of the brothers of the Vietnamese community will be impacted wth
great glory with what is happening in this house. At this moment, I am the Pastor of the congregation. We have approximately 150 members, 169 members. We all praise an we glorify and we honor the name of the Lord. Before that I was not a pastor, I was an evangelist for 29 years.

Four years ago God called me with Pastor Awilda into the pastoral ministry. Since then we began after 4 months of pasturing, all this great glory began, and all these manifestations here in this place. Interviewer: Thank you pastor, I would like to know, when all these signs and wonders happened in your church? A few years ago, or many years ago?

Pastor Rojas: I received the call of God to found this church House of Restoration and Mercy in 2003, and in 2004 we found a location. Then they opened the house and the name was given. It was indicated that we should look for a house and that He would live in that house and that He would do miracles in that house and that His name would be glorified in many places, and God’s name would be recognized through the manifestations that He would do in this house. God would liberate, transform, restore and do miracles supernatural, for all of those who come to this house for the love of God with the comprehension of the Lord, the appearing of the Lord an the supernatural of God. Then they established the church in April 22 of 2004, an they began to adore and praise the Lord, and glorify the name of the Lord.

Video 2:

Four months later we invited a sister, who the Lord uses in miracles an the supernatural. She has a bible that gives out oil like the one that the pastor has an she gave them oil out of that bible, and pastor Awilda and 7 other brothers, they started to anoint the walls of the church, to consecrate the church.

And after that experience, the second day they came to the church and the top of the glass door they saw that there was oil flowing out, an when we saw the manifestation, we went to the kitchen an I looked for some windex an some towels and he cleaned the oil that was on top of the door, and he also cleansed the window. Then two days after that when they returned to the church, they found that the door had more oil, on the outside of the door and on the inside of the door.

That is the first manifestation they received of the oil. Interviewer: When I came in here I saw the oil on the ceilings, an it’s all over the walls here. So when did it happen? The strong manifesting of the oil started in the other side of the church. It started on the ceiling then on the walls, the boarders, in the hallway, going up to the second floor the stairwell. After two weeks the oil started saturating into the church from outside.

Then there we stood for two an a half years under the manifestation of the anointment of the oil. Our church began to grow in members an since we could not stay there as it was too small, we decided to transfer ourselves to this place. We remodeled an painted it and after two weeks of persevering, the manifestations began again, oil here in the church and the columns.


So as you said the manifestation of the oil is not the location, it’s the church of the Lord, is that correct?

Pastor: Yes exactly, the manifestation is not of the locality or where the church is placed or because of us, it is because of when we start adoring the Lord and praising the Lord. When you adore and when you praise and the people consecrate themselves to the Lord is when the manifestations begin to show up, then the oil starts to flow from the walls, oil begins to flow from the bible and on some occasions, dust starts falling (glory dust), and when we least expect it diamonds can fall as a result of the adoration.

Interviewer: Last night when I came here to worship, one of the gemstones appeared.

Pastor Rojas: When we praise the Lord very strongly many times this happens. When we feel the presence of the Lord moving and God sends an angel, some of the brothers have seen them, the angel, moving in the church, in those occasions the angel can shed diamonds, one two three four five, that is according to the feeling of the Lord about the church. Interviewer:

On September 22, 2007 in Hot Springs, you already told us that you had 1280 gemstones, so how many do you have now? Pastor Rojas: Registered right now since then we have 1885 but since November 2007 to this moment, I have not had a chance to register anymore of the diamonds, but I know that 1885 since November.

Interviewer: 1885 Praise God. When did the first gemstone fall or drop?

Pastor Rojas: It was on a Monday during prayer and intercession, an we were praising the Lord, a very large group of brothers were praying and interceding and adoring, and God said to me that night that I should unleash the diamond, the signs of the diamonds.

An I said to the Lord that I could not unleash that because that was not biblical, it was not in the bible. Video 3: He said to me, He was the God of the Bible, and He was the God of the word and He was sovereign, and He could do what He wanted to do.

He told the Pastor not to question, but only believe and to release the anointment and we would see His glory. Then I started to cry out, I released the anointment of the diamonds (I release the anointment of the diamonds, and I order now the skies open and that the realm of the Lord would come over this house, and that the manifestations of the realm of the Kingdom of God and all diamonds of the Kingdom come now and will be unleashed. At that moment a square diamond fell on the back of Pastor Awilda, an it hit her right in the back and she said ouch and she looked on the left side on her knee she saw something that was brilliant and she took it in her hands.

She touched it but could not see it very well because there wasn’t too much light, she closed her hand and went to the womens bathroom. She turned on the light and when she opened her hand she saw a diamond an it would change colors and she started crying out and to praise God and she started crying and the president of the deacons heard her cry in the bathroom and came to the pastor and said Pastor, pastor Awilda is in the bathroom crying, come to see what is happening. And I went over there and started knocking on the door saying pastor what is happening, did somebody touch you, did somebody offend you?

Do you feel bad? She opened the door and grabbed him by the shirt and brought him in. I asked, why are you crying? She said look at what I have, an I said it can’t be, but it is true, and she opened her hand and the diamond was there changing colors, I said glory, Lord You are Holy, You are real an You live. I came out of the bathroom and turned on the lights and started showing it to all the brothers, in the lights of the bathroom it was rose, and when we got out to the congregation because of the florescent lights it would get purple, and in the morning in the sunlight, it would turn white. It was marvelous.

Through that in all the services when we started praying, interceding, adoring, worshiping there started falling diamonds, one two, five, seven, sixty a hundred, they fell a lot, and it was a real marvel and actually what I have testified until now there are 1885 that have fallen without counting those that have fallen since November of 2007 until now.

It is marvelous, praise God!

Interviewer: I have heard also that the angels appearance has come to this church, can you tell us about that, about the foot prints?

Pastor Rojas: Ok Before the manifestation of the diamonds was the manifestation of the oil, and the manifestation of the oil flowing from the bible was after the oil. And after the manifestation of the oil from the bible I went into seclusion and fasting and the congregation, and the Lord said to him that He would give to him a gift, but I never thought the bible would start flowing oil, and one morning the fifth day of fasting in the morning God began to speak to me and said to me that I should get up an go to the office and look for a camera and put the camera on the stand and to turn it on an put it to recording but to put it on stop and at 8:15 the Lord said to me, in the morning when I tell you, take off the stop an you will see what I will do with your bible.

I did what the Lord said, an in that time it was during those moments he was praying to the Lord, and adored and praised the Lord. 8:15 came in the morning, the Lord talked to me, He said take off the stop, an when I took off the stop, the bible started to grow like a sponge and oil started flowing from the bible, an I put my hands on my mouth to not shout out and I started crying out, this bible started to flow, flow, flow oil, and the first oil started flowing from the bible was with the smell of roses, and it was months emitting that oil. It was something marvelous.

Then for one or two weeks it did not flow from the bible. God had told us that the oil from the bible would change it’s structure and the aroma. He took out the oil that he had in a vase and after two weeks the bible started shedding new oil with the smell of nard. From the pages and the outside of the bible started to flow out an shed some white substance an I thought it was paint, but when we started looking at it, it was not paint, it was a brilliant white liquid.

  1. joseph says:

    what is the address of this church in carolina, Puerto Rico?

    The church of restoration and mercy with pastor Dennis Rojas?


  2. sislt777 says:

    Here is what I have. God bless

    Casa de Restauracion y de Misera

    24-7 Ave Roberto Clemente

    Carolina, PR 00985

    phone I will have to find his new phone number…