My trip to Puerto Rico to visit Pastor Dennis Rojas Church

Posted: 5th November 2012 by sislt777 in
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This has been one of the most amazing weekends of my life! But it was a sad weekend also because of what was happening in New York and New Jersey. I really have been praying for those affected by this storm and I know the angels of God were there protecting many lives and they still are!!! Please find a church that is directly involved in the recovery to give to financially or to an organization that is known for being effective in their relief efforts. Some of the well know organizations are just too financially bogged down and have too much red tape to be as effective as they need to be. So please do your research before you make a financial contribution to make sure your money is the most effective. God bless America and may she turn back to Jesus before it is too late!!! There is no safer place to be than in the arms of Jesus Christ!!

Around August 2012 I decided to make a trip to San Juan Puerto Rico to visit the church where God was doing such glorious awesome things!

I had to overcome many fears and doubts in order to make this trip. For one it is hurricane season there and I knew I was taking a risk. Then one of my children started needing a lot of money and it almost caused me to change my mind.

I was also having some physical issues that were concerning me but I knew I had to go regardless of what was happening. Then I read an article that the seats were coming loose in the American Airlines Airplanes during flight, an that was kind of spooky.

My family and friends were concerned about me coming here at this time and they kept telling me all the bad weather reports. Then I had to rent a car and that one was the worst of all after I figured out that it is not recommended to drive in the area where I would be staying. All the streets are one way and the traffic is terrible on the weekends due to the ships that come to port.

Finally I realized I would just have to walk and take taxi’s except the church I wanted to go to was not that close. So I was emailing the church and they graciously offered to help me get to the church, so I gave them the money I would have given to a cab and it was so much more pleasant to not have to worry about getting a cab! We flew over the outskirts of the hurricane Sandy but there was not really any turbulence.
I knew I carried promises that I have not seen happen yet and that everything would be ok so I did not worry about it. There were some bad forecasts for Puerto Rico and on the other side of the island there was a lot of flooding and some people have died and there may still be people in trouble there at the moment I am writing this. However on this side of the island it has been awesome weather.

I was talking to a lady here at the hotel and she said it was kind of unusual that it had hardly rained all weekend. I think it may have rained about 15 to 30 minutes all together since I have been here. The sun has been shinning most of the time and it has just been beautiful and awesome!

Even though I only came here to go to church, I was able to walk around old San Juan and got to take a lot of pretty pictures and tour a few places and ride the ferry a few times to another island. I didn’t explore very much there though because I was usually pretty tired by then. By going to Carolina to church, I was able to see some more of Puerto Rico, it is so beautiful to drive right beside the ocean and watch the waves coming in and splashing against the rocks.

I got to tour the 400 year old fort here too and it had the most awesome view of the ocean! The only thing I have not done is actually go to a beach, but I guess I will save that for next time because I am surely going to come back!

The highlight of my trip though was to meet Pastor Dennis and his wife and children and attend two church services! It was awesome to be with people who God is really touching and doing so many awesome supernatural things with!

Supernatural things really do happen when they worship and I was a witness to some of that also! I got to ask the Pastor a few things that I was curious about and he shared those things with me. At the last I had gone up for prayer and I was standing there praying and asking God specifically what I wanted, and then this brother came over and another brother to interpret for him and he prayed almost specifically the exact prayer that I had prayed but he was praying it for me and agreeing with me that God would do those things that I had asked only he did not know I had just prayed those things in my heart before the Lord! At that time an angel showed up and began releasing a supernatural sign.

God heard my heart cry again and He is the one who drew me here to this island, not only to receive from Him but to be so blessed to enjoy this beautiful island with perfect weather. You know even on the ferry rides the water was totally calm! I am heading back in the morning to my home. I will sure miss this tropical paradise and I will miss my new friends at this church!
God is awesome in all of His ways and past finding out! This Pastor and this church are the real deal. The sermons I heard were right on and one was about the origins of halloween and why we must not celebrate it at all, and the other was about the fear of God and how God goes after us when we fall to bring us to our senses, there was a lot more to the sermon but that is the basic of what I recall.
I feel I received so much more than I anticipated and I have been truly encouraged and strengthened.

Having God’s re assurance when things are difficult is so very comforting. He didn’t rebuke me, or have to correct me, He just encouraged me and gave me more hope that things will work out! As you know we all have to go through difficult trials of our faith and we are tested and the devil is allowed to confront us and we had better have the full armor on because if you don’t, you can really get hurt bad!
I have posted a video on my website also about a church in Singapore where they are receiving much of the same signs and wonders, only they also are receiving the armor of God that is very small like trinkets and it is made out of Gold! God is doing amazing things among His children.

Remember when Jesus was about to ascend into Heaven after His resurrection that there were about 500 disciples on the mount and in the book of John it says that Jesus did so many miracles there that if they were to try to write them all he supposed that the whole world would not be able to hold the books that should be written! Oh how we limit out unlimited God and Savoir Jesus Christ!!!

Pastor Dennis and Awilda Rojas are very sincere people and full of the Holy Spirit and they are teaching the right ways of the Lord. God has chosen them to receive unusual manifestations and signs and wonders and they are good stewards of those things. They are not proud or boastful and they walk in holiness and the fear of the Lord.

They preach the truth about heaven and hell and they have a great anointing upon their lives. They are not a rich church as far as the natural is concerned, but they are rich in the glory of God and in the presence of God, for God is truly with them!

When I was at this church the only thing I had asked the Lord for besides prayer for my family was that I would have the strength to finish this final course of my race, and the wisdom and knowledge that I needed. I had a lot of things I would like to have asked for, but I knew what the most important thing was that I needed!!! I also knew the angels were there and they were on assignment to help me.

I was getting weak physically and just not feeling well in general and knew I needed God’s help to finish my race! God has granted my request! Also when I was there at Pastor Roja’s church getting prayer, the angels came and these little beads started appearing on the floor. From what I understand that is mostly what is appearing now in their church. I think it is God’s wisdom and grace to do so, because it would be much harder to give away precious diamonds and jewels I would think!

They are in transition in finding another church building and the oil is not flowing from their bible at this time, however I did get some of the oil that they already had and I got a few of those beads that fell during the service when I was there! The pastor said they were some kind of quartz substance, and I see some gold color inside of the white beads. They are not magic beads ok, they are beads from heaven that I believe represent promises that God has given to us and reminders that He has not forgotten them!!!

The Pastor said this particular oil that he gave me was for the purification of the church, and it would help people to overcome, he said this in one of his sermons I listened to. I will use it to anoint people when I pray for them as the Holy Spirit leads me to do so! If you have the opportunity please go and visit this humble church, it is a small church where God is doing BIG things! And I hope and pray that many churches will open their doors to Pastor Rojas and let him preach what God has given to him for the body of Christ!

He is very intense in his service to the Lord and highly anointed as well as his wife is also. Those who do will be receiving a real minister of Jesus and will also be receiving Jesus and the Father just as the word of God says! Anyway that is all I am going to write for now. God bless.

  1. Joe says:

    I am struggling with faith and in need of prayer. Does Pastor Dennis Rojas prayers reach out to people in the United States. How do I contact him?

    Thank you.

  2. sislt777 says:

    I will give you his contact information. I will also email them with your request for prayer. I will also pray for you that your faith will not fail! Please read the post that I am getting ready to post as it is on the subject of faith. Please know that God is with you and that He is for you and that no matter how it looks or feels in your time of struggle, God is still believing in you and loving you and has awesome plans for your life! We can’t lose if we don’t quite!!! If God is for us, who can be against us? I encourage you to pray in the Holy Spirit as much as you can, as it will unleash the power of God in your life. God richly bless you in your struggle to hold on and believe! It will all be worth the struggle!!!
    Heavenly Father,
    I lift up my friend to You and ask that You would grant them the ability to see past the storm to see that You are always with them! Help them to realize how much You valued them by sending Your Son to the cross for their sins so they could be reconciled back to You! Help my friend not to be discouraged because the battle is difficult, but show them grace in their time of need. In Jesus mighty and precious name. Amen

  3. Joe Lobato says:

    I am in need of prayer, prayer to strengthen my faith and for physical healing! Please can you help?

  4. Joe says:

    How can I contact Dennis Rojas? I would like to send a message for him to pray for my faith and health. I would also like to see if I can get oil as well? please let me know.

    Thank you.

  5. sislt777 says:

    Here is what I have. If you go to their website you can find the current information. God bless

    Casa de Restauracion y de Misera

    24-7 Ave Roberto Clemente

    Carolina, PR 00985

    phone I will have to find his new phone number…


  6. sislt777 says:

    Heavenly Father,
    I lift up Joe to you. I ask that You minister to Him where he really needs this ministry. He is Your son and I know You care for him! Fill Him with Your Holy Spirit and help him to do the things he needs to do and help him to then stand in faith that You are moving in his behalf. I break every word curse spoken over his life in Jesus name. I dismiss every assignment of the devil and his demons in Jesus name. I plead the blood of Jesus over my brother and release Your healing anointing Jesus into his body and every cell and organ in Jesus name. I thank You Jesus that You are the healer! Help him to do the things to strengthen his faith and to overcome all the attacks of the enemy in Jesus name. Father I also release You awesome signs and wonders anointing into my brothers life, and thank You for what You are about to do. Help him to stand strong in faith to believe and to receive in Jesus name. AMEN

  7. Ann Marie Fix says:

    Hello! I just read this blog, and pray it is still operational… :) You mentioned in the above to go and visit this church if possible, and we are VERY interested in doing just that! Would you please email me with the address of the church, and the name of it? I’ve searched the internet all over for even the name of Pastor Rojas’ church, but search returned no results. Thank you so much, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

    In Him,
    Ann Marie Fix
    Chattanooga, TN